About Us

SWG! What is SWG? SWG stands for ‘Simply White Glove’ and we are a travel concierge company specializing in luxurious VIP guest services.

To have a better appreciation for what we do here is a brief history on our company. We have more than 10 years of experience planning events in the Bahamas. We’ve brought celebrities to The Bahamas for events and one of the requirements of their performance agreements is for us to have top-notch transportation, accommodations, cuisine, and much more. These years of experience have allowed us to establish relationships and strategic partnerships with luxury service providers throughout The Bahamas.

SWG was formed so that VIP services that are commonly available to elite celebrities can also be offered to visitors to The Bahamas. Give us your wish list and allow our travel luxury concierge team show you what a true ‘Simply White Glove’ experience is all about.